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Alter Your Reality: Re-Establishing the Divine Connection


Amongst the Award winning Finalists in the International Book Awards

Alter Your Reality: Re-Establishing the Divine Connection

by: Sharmila Rao

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BOOK REVIEW This is a vivid book with depth; it teaches, challenges, and inspires to the fullest. ALTER YOUR REALITY reminds us that we, humans, are naturally divine creatures. In this debut, Rao insightfully says: “It is now time to reclaim our divine destiny by coming into balance of both the spiritual and material energy and be co-­‐creator of our life along with our divine father-­‐mother god.” We are not to surrender to dark energies that are prevalent on this planet—as the author almost did during a dark point in her life. The notion that anyone can do anything in life is debatable, mostly because some do not have the mindset to succeed. The idea that “life is meant to be lived with joy and happiness—not pain” is not a new notion; however only those that harness this belief and live it to the fullest can bring themselves to do anything. ALTER YOUR REALITY can do just this—it’s a powerful book full of insightful messages, messages which need to be lived in order to be understood. “Humans are sparks of divine who have come to the realm of matter in order to learn all that is required for our growth and development.” Humans are not meant to live dull lives. Rao states that progress can be slow due to denial, refusal to let go of painful memories, fear of change, waiting for others to change, multitasking and much more. Basically, our menial daily activities can get in the way of our progress and spirituality. Overall, this book is about growing at your own pace and working through new levels of consciousness. Reaching one’s full potential doesn’t happen by allowing depression and sub-­‐par activities to take over one’s life. “Light is the best defense” against anything that may hinder your ability to reach your full potential. This book is part memoir, part motivational tome. The author, Sharmila Rao, is a Lightworker/energy therapist currently residing in India. Rao, a woman born to teach and inspire others about their divine nature, is an interesting, and incredible thinker.Review by Ellery Crowder, M.A., ASU 

Alter Your Reality....a book video.

Alter Your the divine connection. A book by Sharmila Rao.

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Table of Honors.

 My Book , Alter Your Reality , has been placed in the " Honorable Mentions" list in the spiritual section of the

1. Paris Book Festival 2014.

2. Hollywood Book Festival 2014.

3. Newyork Book Festival 2014.


International Book Awards 2014.

My book " ALTER YOUR REALITY " is amongst the top 5 finalists in the International Book Awards held recently.

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