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Chrysalis Manifesto.

Connect with Light


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Hi .  My name is Sharmila Rao.  Chrysalis is an organization run by me where I teach the energy techniques of healing and manifesting goals with the help of Reiki and Angel Therapy.  Reiki means universal energy. In this technique I will teach you how to channel the universal energy into oneself and others for the purpose of healing and manifesting goals. There are 4 levels in Reiki. The 1st or the basic  level of hands on healing. Then comes the 2nd or the advanced level of distant healing . The 3rd level is the Master level. The 4th and the final level is the Grandmaster level. Its entirely your choice whether to learn all the levels or just one or two. The important thing is to practice it everyday as it can be easily incorporated in your day to day life. We all have an in built system to channel the universal energy . It just needs to be activated. Reiki is the simplest energy technique to activate and channel the universal energy into oneself and others.


                Angel Therapy is about connecting with the Angelic realm. We all have our guardian angels and spirit guides who at all given times are here to assist us in all areas of our life , be it personal or professional. In addition , the legions of Archangels are also here to assist us should we choose to seek their assistance.


      Life is all a matter of choices. So , make the choice today to learn how to charge oneself with universal energy with the help of Reiki and connect with the Angelic realm in order to heal and manifest goals in a joyful manner. Say goodbye to stress and a big Hello to happiness. For , happiness is the key to success.


                So , if you want to learn the methods to be happy and successful , contact me. I am your person.









Course Fee Structure.

Achieving the state of balance.



                    REIKI LEVEL 1.      ----      Rs. 2000.


                  REIKI  LEVEL  2.      ----      Rs. 4000.


                 REIKI LEVEL 3.         ----       Rs. 6000.

                   MASTER  LEVEL. 


                REIKI  LEVEL 4.       -----     Rs. 12,000.

                   GRAND MASTER




               ANGEL  THERAPY .   ----     Rs. 3000.

                TEACHERS  LEVEL.    ----     Rs .5000.



               CHAKRA  MEDITATION.      ------    Rs. 3000.



              PAST LIFE REGRESSION         ------     Rs.  2000.


                TEACHERS  LEVEL.         ------    Rs.  5000.



               MOTIVATIONAL           ------      Rs. 2000.



               Tarrot Card Reading    .......    Rs.  500. 



                                                      Sharmila  rao.

                                                Reiki  grand master.

                                                      Energy   therapist.





Alter Your Reality.....re-establishing the divine connection. A book by Sharmila Rao.

A practical guidebook to transform your life.



We , the human beings are energy beings residing in a physical body on the planet Earth. Our thoughts and emotions generate an energy field around us which in turn attracts corresponding people and situations in our life creating our “ reality”. Hence, the key to alter our reality lies “with in”. We all have an in built connection with the divine source which in many of us needs to be activated. This connection with the divine source can be easily restored by any of the energy healing techniques which are now widely and openly practiced all over the world. The law of science/ universe  states that“ Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only change forms”. Hence the prevailing negative energy on the planet Earth cannot be destroyed but it can be altered to one that is positive. Only the divine energy has the alchemical power to transmute the negative energy in and around us to that of positive energy , healing us energetically of all the trauma and mental/emotional damage suffered in this lifetime and all the lives lived before thus effectively changing the quality of our energy field , raising its vibration and positively impacting our environment and the collective consciousness.  By re-establishing our divine connection with the help of the energy healing techniques, our spiritual DNA is activated which in turn makes it possible for us to channel the divine energy into our own energy field which then heals our damaged aura , raising its vibration and enabling us to co-create our reality with the help of the divine energy by the power of deliberate intention.  

                                              This is the divine truth. Its time to awaken to our divine potential and take back our power creating a wonderful life for ourselves , both individually and collectively. For , when we uplift ourselves , we impact the collective consciousness to uplift itself as we are all energetically connected.

                                            We are the change that we seek.